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Welcome to Hogar Santa Maria Eufrasia Website.

"¡Oh, God what great things love do!"
Sta. Maria Eufrasia

¡Welcome to our web page!

In a special place in the city of Arecibo in Puerto Rico, a quest for the defense of life is being performed. This mission is being done in the Hogar Santa Maria Eufrasia where pregnant teenage girls are being taken from all parts of Puerto Rico. These are girls with special conditions which need a protection, emotional support and new horizons of life and hope.

This mission is inspired in the charismatic admirable women saint , Santa Maria Eufrasia Pelletier, which was know to be moved by compromise and spirit towards the ones in poverty and despair.

Santa Maria Eufrasia said: "The gratitude is the memory of the heart" and the memory of our hearts excel to give thanks to the god of life whom extends his hand through the noble persons which provide their time, work and money to make possible the birth of god smile in this world.

Hna. Francisca Torres Calvo